Throwing Shade

Bryan went all the way to Palm Springs and all he saw was walking bioidentical hormone herself, Suzanne Somers! Erin enjoyed her namastaycation and they came together this week to bring you the worst news on the anti-gay marriage front and AutoZone's treatment of their female employees. Plus, Hello Ross himself, Ross Mathews stops by to talk about Palm Springs, his dogs and new show on FOX, Knock Knock Live! 

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Erin went to a bachelorette party and Bryan maybe had sex, but that's not all! They both went dick deep into the backgrounds of two lady and gay villians, Troy Newman & Joshua Feuerstein. Also, does John Milhiser want kids? Find out in our interview with the SNL alum.  

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Back from vacay and all we want to talk about is the most exciting thing to happen to American personal freedom in a long time - Magic Mike XXL. Have you seen it? Erin has. Three times. Find out what Bryan's mom call Hawaiian things, marriage equality, let the haters begin, and Serena Williams, number one tennis super star, number two paid female athlete. Hunnnybun!  

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Groceries lesson #45 and #78 - sunscreens lie about SPF and pot cookies are always weird doses. Plus, JONAH is on trial for gay conversion, three things ladies should be happy about, and special guest, long time friend and confidant, Jennie Pierson. 

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While we're off promenading for our summer vacays (AKA watching "Magic Mike XXL four to five times) please enjoy this pre-recorded episode where we tell you all the steps to start your own podcast. Why not, hunnybun!?

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