Throwing Shade

In addition to asking for your lovely dollars to support Throwing Shade as part of the MaxFun Fund drive, Bryan and Erin discuss teen girls asking YouTube viewers, "Am I pretty or am I ugly?", should Miss Universe ban a transgendered contestant, Belvedere Vodka's rape-y new ad, and you're not gonna believe it - homophobia in professional sports! The exact two things that never (always) go together! You're gonna need a spork and a skort for all this realness! 

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Bryan and Erin take an hour of your life and fill it with banter about Urban Outfitters transexual greeting cards, gender based price gouging, the gay kiss that interrupted Rick Santorum, the gender issues in Hunger Games and a serious discussion about Amazon Prime. Too funky! 

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After being separated by SXSW and a family visit, Bryan and Erin reunite to talk birth control battles in tan capital Arizona, where Invisible Children are getting their money, Florida schools and their antiquated views on corporal punishment, and San Diego Pride arrests. Feel it. 

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Bryan and Erin can't always include everything in an hour, which is why they meticiously cobbled together this bonus episode of outtakes. Please enjoy, and when you're done, catch up on some old epsiodes. We'll have an all new Throwing Shade coming soon! 

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To celebrate the first episode after joining the MaximumFun podcasting network , Erin and Bryan talk Limbaugh's attack on Sandra Fluke, Kirk Cameron's views on gay marriage, Modesto, CA's 41 year old teacher moving in with his 18 year old student, and gay teens. Welcome to the fray! 

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