Throwing Shade
TS17:Oscars,Jan Brewer, Gay Marines, Butt Chugging, and Frank Rich

How do you spell "train wreck"? B-R-Y-A-N A-N-D E-R-I-N. This week the two lie about things while discussing the Oscars, Jan Brewer, Gay Marines, Butt Chugging, and Frank Rich. You will never be the same. 

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Bryan narrowly escapes death by skunk to join Erin to talk about gay sheriffs, Saudi Arabian female athletes, Dave Mustaine and Megadeath, and maternity leave. And obviously Waiting To Exhale. Good luck! 

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Bryan pulls himself from a deep, deep sadness over Whitney Houston's tragic death only to be sucked back into it in this episode of Throwing Shade. He joins Erin to discuss Valentine's Day, Chris Brown's twitter fans, Idaho striking down bans against sexual orientation discrimination, Matt Bomer whispering his sexual orientation from the mountain top, and the trashiest SI Swimsuit Issue to date. Sit down with a glass of Malbec and try to deal with all this realness. 

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Erin barely composes herself after touching Jean Dujardin to join Bryan to discuss Planned Parenthood vs. Susan G. Komen, sexism, agism, David Beckham for H&M, the ladies of Wal-Mart and how young is too young to come out of the closet. Grab a tissue for all these issues. 

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Don't be scared! In the 13th episode, Erin and Bryan bravely throw shade despite the obvious dangers associated with the number 13. Listen to discussions on New Jersey's gay marriage referendum, Northeastern's beef with bro-gossip blog Barstool Sports, Babyloia Aiva's gay wedding to a building, and bloody stupid studies. Hope you have a flashlight, cause 'dis alotta shade. 

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