Throwing Shade

In this post-Christmas episode, guns and The Duggars are brought up one too many times, along with strip clubs, Rick Perry's hard stance on abortion, recalled French implants, Taylor Lauter's fake People Magazine cover and we talk about the video appropriately titled "Thrown Like a Rag Doll for Tryin' It". This episode is what dreams are made of.

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In this week's Throwing Shade, Erin makes her first appearance as a divorced woman, and Bryan can't handle her new sexual swagger. But they manage to discuss Tim Tebow (which they know a lot about), Rick Perry's new gay book, the worst fraternity in America, and the gayest billboard in Times Square. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Kim Jong-Il is dead, y'all!

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Bryan and Erin talk Mitt Romney's gay marriage confrontation, Jennifer Aniston finally gets the title she deserves, two angry women on boy hugs and NYC queers, and Plan B stays behind the counter. Put away your sunscreen - you don't need it with all this shade. 

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In the fifth episode of Throwing Shade, Erin and Bryan discuss that teacher who did gay porn, some bizarre new abortion legislation, the wisdom of model Tyrese, and the teen who broke everyone's hearts - Jonah Mowry. Also, Erin melts Bryan's heart with a song. If you're not alive at the end of this, it's because we've killed you with brilliance.

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