Throwing Shade
TS4:T.I., Estee Lauder's Tax Evasion, Barney Frank and Gayle King.

Bryan and Erin talk about T.I.'s fight to not like gays, Gayle King, Estee Lauder's Tax Evasion, Barney Frank, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Restless Leg Syndrome.   Hope you can handle shade throwing this hard core!

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Bryan and Erin talk about the gay Pope kiss Benetton ad, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Elizabeth Warren, NASCAR and ass implants. You better get a scarf and sweater for all this shade!

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TS2:Glee's Virginity Scandal, Chelsea Clinton, Gay Drugs and Tampons.

Bryan and Erin continue to save the world, one 'ssue at a time, while discussing their biggest fears, hardcore drug use, Glee’s anti-virgin campaign, Chelsea Clinton’s new gig on NBC, Sister Wives, and how gayness is a gateway drug. Can you feel this noise?

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TS1:Conrad Murray, Grindr, Initiative 26 and Gay Penguins

In the inaugural episode of Throwing Shade, feminasty Bryan Safi and homosensual Erin Gibson discuss Conrad Murray, Mississippi’s hate of Mississippi lady rights, Brett Ratner , gay penguins and Grindr. Can you handle it?

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