Throwing Shade

Bryan went all the way to Palm Springs and all he saw was walking bioidentical hormone herself, Suzanne Somers! Erin enjoyed her namastaycation and they came together this week to bring you the worst news on the anti-gay marriage front and AutoZone's treatment of their female employees. Plus, Hello Ross himself, Ross Mathews stops by to talk about Palm Springs, his dogs and new show on FOX, Knock Knock Live! 

Erin went to a bachelorette party and Bryan maybe had sex, but that's not all! They both went dick deep into the backgrounds of two lady and gay villians, Troy Newman & Joshua Feuerstein. Also, does John Milhiser want kids? Find out in our interview with the SNL alum.  

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Back from vacay and all we want to talk about is the most exciting thing to happen to American personal freedom in a long time - Magic Mike XXL. Have you seen it? Erin has. Three times. Find out what Bryan's mom call Hawaiian things, marriage equality, let the haters begin, and Serena Williams, number one tennis super star, number two paid female athlete. Hunnnybun!  

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Groceries lesson #45 and #78 - sunscreens lie about SPF and pot cookies are always weird doses. Plus, JONAH is on trial for gay conversion, three things ladies should be happy about, and special guest, long time friend and confidant, Jennie Pierson. 

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While we're off promenading for our summer vacays (AKA watching "Magic Mike XXL four to five times) please enjoy this pre-recorded episode where we tell you all the steps to start your own podcast. Why not, hunnybun!?

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Did you see Bryan in "A Deadly Adoption"? If not you better, cause it DOES matter, Monica. This week lend your ears to what's new and exciting in the world of revenge porn and protecting women against dickhead ex boyfriends and hear ye all about Mike Huckabee's call for riots if gays get to get hitched federally. Let the haters begin! 

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Why is Siggi's yogurt the best? Good luck getting that information from this week's Throwing Shade. Plus, DJ Ten Walls said some dumb homophobic stuff and Ilyse Hogue shoves her preggers belly in the face of anti-choicers. Let the haters begin! 



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Way to go "Fun Home"! Such a better way to spend your time than watching "Jupiter Ascending", unless you're using drugs, then it's a toss up. This week, we explore the pros and cons of female boner medicine and why the FDA is suddenly so into her, and Arkan-sass Senator Jason Rapert has a full blown Facebook all caps meltdown when Conway City refuses to move their anti-Christian Pride Parade set to take place on the Lord's brunch time. Plus, we talk to comedy writer Emily Gordon about therapy, her new book, Super You, and how she feels about outdoor furniture. Let the haters begin! 

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Caitlyn Jenner is here and she's not taking "no" for an answer! Plus, The Bachelorette, TV's classiest hour, fakes a gay love affair between Clint Arliss and JJ Lane. And did you know period products are taxed in most countries because they're considered a luxury good? And our good pal, Alie Ward (Unique Sweets, Innovation Nation), joins us to talk Nash Bridges and the bullet ant. 
Let the haters begin! 
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Bryan's back from his trip to New York where he became an accidental Japanese popsicle spokesperson just in time to hear Erin let the Duggars have it. Then they discuss Governor Bobby Jindal lame homophobic vaudeville tricks. But most importantly, it looks as if a sign-off has finally stuck. That's right - let the haters begin.