Throwing Shade
Erin and Bryan break down the criteria for one-person shows, clear out a little spot in their hearts for Bruce Jenner, and check in with Equal Pay, who has not been feeling well. Ever. 


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Erin goes on a tear after being trapped in an expensive group dinner while on a budget and Bryan brags about his Sunday chicken (again!). Plus, discussions on Marco Rubio's "progressive" outlook on LGBT rights and Google Image Search's gender bias problem. Also, what about wicker furniture? Our friend and guest Jake Weisman has all the answers. 

This week in "Your Boner is Not My Problem", Erin discusses the problem of Orthodox Judaic men refusing to sit next to women who aren't their wives (so everyone). Bryan reads Molly White, Texas representative and boring name haver, for refusing to speak to her gay constituents. And speaking of politics (segue) Timothy Simons from HBO's "Veep" stops by to talk lobsters, set building, and gambling with dreams. 

Bryan goes to a cooking class set to "Thriller" and Erin eats bad grease, but they pull it together to talk about Rick Santorum's wish that LGBT'ers get some tolerance and the difference between refusing to sell gay people a cake and refusing to write anti-gay things on a cake. And didyaknow Glenn Beck has a clothing line? And just launched women's line? And has a model sized wife and a plus sized daughter? And he's doing it all for them and not because his ego is crumbling like a Nature's Valley granola bar. Plus, our friend Doug Jones joins us to discuss the year he worked for Melanie Griffith. 

Why does Bryan seek a 4.75 pound chicken? The answer is inside this week's Throwing Shade.Plus, did you know the TSA has been looking for bombs in sisterlocks and Indiana's religious freedom bill is doing it all wrong, hunty!? All that and we talk to superstar standup Nikki Glaser about all the self-help books she's read. 

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Happy Birthday, Erin! Bryan's best gift is the gay relationship description the tabloids have for Tom Cruise and John Travolta. You will wish you never heard it. Plus, Bob Jones III of Bob Jones University finally apologies for wanting to stone gay people, and some jealous college baseball bitch calls 13 year old little league super star Mo'ne Davis a "slut." And hunty! Our fund drive is happening! 1,000 new or upgrading donors and #tspod will put on their talent show! Make it happen by donating here! 



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It's MaxFun Drive and Cher and Oliver the Dog are here to take your call! Go to and while you're supporting your favorite podcast, listen to Bryan and Erin talk about IUD's and Dolce and Gabbana and doll eyed murderer The Jinx. 



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Take a peek into the not so distance future of Bryan & Erin as 75 year old grandmothers who love groceries. Plus, the anti-gay bill in Oklahoma that will make it legal for shop keepers to refuse service to the LGBT community, and women aren't doing so hot since the UN's World Conference on Women in 1995, unless you count cheerleader pay. And comedian and cake wizard Erin McGathy stops by to talk about "The Bachelor" and fancy donuts. 

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All the characters from Throwing Shade are together at last! Want to hear Big Teeth Small Mouth for the first time? How about Paris Milan's debut? Jan Brewer? Sheure Tont? Yarn Tethers and Victoria Jackson? They're all here. 

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Compiled and edited by Thomas McNab



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Erin helps Bryan prep for hobo life with a complete guide to gay hobo slang. Plus, CPAC's cup of anti-women rhetoric runneth over and our favorite old bitch, Phyllis Schlafly, continues to her crusade against marriage equality. All this and a discussion about wigs with Chole Sevigny homage-er and our friend,  Drew Droege.

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